Thursday, February 14, 2008

Back from Tucson ... Happy Valentine's

The day for love is here. Happy Valentine's to everyone. Please remember to tell the one you love how special they are to you!

I am definitely still recuperating from my excellent show at the Manning House last week. It's a good form of exhaustion. I will be updating the site and blog with lots of info in the next few days so keep your eyes peeled for the new Luft and Sandstorm series photos as well as an alternate Strata Metallic series that will be offered periodically at select shows. (See update to earlier post for some fabulous photos of the new series!!)

I will also be adding links to the wonderful new beadstores that will be carrying my work at your local bead store (LBS) and on the website (once it is back online). Thank you to them! Thank you also goes to the customers, old and new, who traversed to Tucson and visited me at the Manning House. I had a great time talking to each and every one of you. Perhaps some of you tried to escape my long-winded conversations but I always perk up when speaking about beads/designing. Ooops.

Next week, I move forward to prepare for Bead Expo Portland and will open up the show stock for email orders. Let me know what series you are interested in and I'll email you a photo of what's in stock NEXT week. Right now the selection is low because many bead styles/colors sold out in Tucson. This is a good and bad thing. This means I have to work that much harder and stay focused to bring you new goodies. Not a problem if you don't mind being on a waiting list. I'm always up for challenges and hate to disappoint!

Thank you for sticking in there and being on the waiting list for your special beads.
The website is currently having some issues due to Yahoo Webservices updating their entire hosting software (which I found out after returning from Tucson). You can still view the catalog but it's just not pretty, the fonts are all weird, the header with my logo missing, the footer with my copyright and contact gone, and I can not yet update the inventory status. I'm working on fixing all the issues behind the scenes. Just email me and I'll respond ASAP. I'm always an email away.

Bead Romantique Promotional Postcard
handed out during the Tucson show
(click the image for a larger view to get the nitty gritty details)

In the meantime. Yeah! Double Yeah! I'm so excited about the book launch at Bead Expo Portland next month! I'll have alternate samples of the projects in different colorways at my booth and Interweave will have the actual samples from the book at their booth. We are right across from each other. I'll be at my booth (#218) most of the show, since I'm exhibiting solo, but feel free to walk across the aisle for a chat. Signed books will be available at Interweave's booth. And the Girls from Vintaj will be right next to me too! It can't get any better than this!

Woo... I'm spinning with excitement.

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