Monday, February 18, 2008

Drumroll Please...

Well after 7 days and about 10 emails later (I lost count!), my website has just been successfully updated. I was beginning to wonder if the Yahoo Technical team was going to let me down. I had my doubts based on the emails I was receiving, some good suggestions on fixes but mostly redundant information that I already found on my own. I'd like to pride myself as somewhat of a technical junkie who can figure out things on my own. So I usually don't contact technical support unless I've exhausted all options.

Thank goodness things are back on track now because I had so much news to share with you. I persevered, went on an email writing campaign and never gave up. Come visit, Lisa Kan Designs to see all the updates.

Now that the website uploading issue is behind me, I started back in the studio this afternoon and will soon be totally immersed into getting ready for Portland. Yeah! Whoopee! Flame on!
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