Saturday, February 16, 2008

The Red Haiku ...

Okay I admit, I snagged this photo from my friend, Andrew Thornton's blog. Andrew always has his camera handy and was able to capture the beautiful Jamie Hogsett wearing a RED Haiku bead I gave her last year before she left Interweave. I keep telling myself to run away from Andrew when he has his camera because he has a knack at capturing me without makeup, talking or eating, or worse yet in an unattractive pose. Where's my glamor shot now? I need proper lighting and a makeup artist to doll me up. Oh well, I'm just a simple girl and at least you know I can look pretty if I have to. Give me a nice T-shirt and a pair of jeans anytime.

It was because of Jamie that my River's Edge necklace made it to the cover of Spring 2006 issue of Stringing Magazine. When I found out Jamie was leaving May last year, I took Jamie down memory lane, and sent her away with a box of my beads - one from each of the projects I wrote for Interweave - during her tenure. She deserved every bead and more. I love spoiling my friends. I challenged Jamie to use any of her beads to make a finished project for Tucson 2008 and wear it at the Interweave party. Jamie did NOT disappoint and was the ONLY one out of the two others editors that completed her challenge with flying colors. I will protect the innocent and not mention the other editors' names but they have another year to complete their challenges. (WINK! hint: I will see them next month at Bead Expo Portland) I will have to say that Jamie's sophisticated clean design really features the red Haiku and make it SHINE. Red, was selected for Jamie because it symbolizes passion and love. It also symbolizes good luck, fortune and prosperity. Hugs to you Jamie!

The beautiful Melinda Barta, Managing Editor of Beadwork and Stringing Magazine, sparkles with a lovely style is smiling to Jamie's left. She gave me a heartwarming hug after our dinner on Wednesday night. I love hanging out with my friends from Interweave! I get the chance to work with so many talented Interweave editors and am one LUCKY girl! (click the photo to get a closeup of the lovely black and red Haiku necklace gracing Jamie's neck!)
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