Thursday, February 28, 2008

The Thursday Tease

Aaah... I thought it was most appropriate that I tease everyone this week on color inspired by our feathered friends. And appropriately, this leads me to my friend Jean Yates' premiere article for Softflex Company, March 2008's Spotlight Article, Getting Inspiration from the Animal Kingdom for Your Jewelry Designs. Yes, I'm a few days early in announcing the article, but it was so appropriate that I make this "link" now, as it would be too late by next Thursday! Be sure to read Jean's insightful commentary and how she found inspiration on Softflex's own product offerings that matched well to the animal kingdom!

In the meantime, look at the wonderful shadows and subtle highlights on the feathers of the photo below. Yes it's a beautiful parrot's wing. And the colors below, are simply and totally PATRIOTIC! I love it.

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