Monday, February 4, 2008

Bead Romantique on Beading Daily

Beading Daily is holding a vote on a free project from Bead Romantique. It's a reader's choice and the project with the most votes will be posted in their March 21st newsletter.

Click here to vote for your favorite amongst the three contenders. May the most favorite project win!

Excerpt from today's Beading Daily newsletter:

Choose Your Free Beading Project

Introducing Bead Romantique

Last fall I saw a preview of the new spring beading books from Interweave. There are some terrific new books coming out, but the one that really captured my imagination was Bead Romantique by Lisa Kan. (See a preview.) This book is filled with elegant, historically-inspired beadweaving designs for the intermediate and advanced beader. If you love beadweaving with size 15 beads, you'll love the projects in this book! I left that preview with only one thought: I had to have one of Lisa's projects to share with you on Beading Daily.

I went through the manuscript (the book hadn't been printed yet) and put a bright orange Post-It note on every project I liked. The book looked like it was on fire when I was done! Clearly, my typical selection method wasn't going to work. I went through the book a second time and narrowed it down to three projects--a pair of earrings, a bracelet, and a necklace. I tried to choose a range of styles, techniques, and level of difficulty. Now it's up to you! Which project would you like to do?

Meet the Contenders

Ndebele Pearl Medallion Earrings
Lisa writes: "While exploring how Ndebele stitch could be gradually increased by the addition of a larger band between its branches, I discovered this design. Further exploration expanded the original concept into a semi-circular hollow form which could hold something of a similar size. A coin pearl could be cupped and held with two semicircular forms stitched together."

Techniques: Flat circular Ndebele, wrapped loops, picot, reverse picot

Mesh Pearl Bracelet
Lisa writes: "I use freshwater pearls in just about any imaginable shape, size, and color in my jewelry designs. The elegant pearl dangles in this bracelet are accented by the wire mesh, which not only cushions the pearls, but also creates volume and airiness. This bracelet is built on a graduated wire link design that I have been making for years. It can easily be shortened for a smaller wrist or elongated into a necklace by adding chain."

Technique: Wrapped loops

V Scallop Necklace
Lisa writes: "The elegant gem-encrusted necklace collars you may see on Hollywood mavens were the inspiration for this piece. You can create your own red carpet event with an elegant necklace to spice up a simple evening dress. The recipe is clear: Swarovski crystals for the sparkles, the pearls for a pinch of elegance, and the scalloped edging for a touch of feminity. The "V" shape accentuates the neckline, and the vintage button closure adds a bit of old-world glamour to the necklace."

Techniques: Right-angle weave, scalloping

Choose Your Free Project

  • Voting is limited to Beading Daily members. (It is free to sign up if you are not already a member.)
  • One vote per person.
  • Last day to vote is: February 18, 2008
  • The project with the most votes will be free to Beading Daily members for one week in late March.
  • Vote Now
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