Tuesday, June 3, 2008

A View of Milwaukee: Milwaukee Public Market, Brady Street, and Historical Third Ward

Milwaukee Public Market
Tuesday June 3, 2008
Approximately 11:30 A.M.

It's amazing how tired I was and the time difference caught up to me on our second day in Milwaukee. By the time we got out of the hotel room, it was nearly time for LUNCH. Our bodies were still on California time obviously. We decided to head over to the Milwaukee Public Market to take a peak for possible lunch there. I think overall, the market was interesting but having been to Chelsea's Market in NY and Faneuil Hall Marketplace in Boston, this market was not as impressive. Sorry Milwaukee, I'm just spoiled. It's still a good food stop for a quick snack and I recommend the Soup Market highly!

(From their website)
The Historic Third Ward, mainly the Commission Row area, holds significant meaning as a hub of Market activity for over a hundred years. The modern-day Milwaukee Public Market preserves the nature of this historical neighborhood and capitalizes on the history of an area that native Wisconsinites associate with fresh food.

We are proud to offer visitors the best of Wisconsin’s agricultural heritage while expanding the availability of gourmet, specialty and organic foods. The Milwaukee Public Market features twenty specialty food vendors. Each merchant is owner and operator, and in many instances producer, of the products they sell. We give customers the opportunity to purchase direct from the hands that nurtured the quality goods. Public Markets are being revitalized and new Markets are being developed in cities across the United States. Public Markets reflect the heritage and diversity of the communities they serve. The creation of the Milwaukee Public Market follows this national trend and a way of life that was never lost in Europe.

The Soup and Stock Market

For a quick snack, Nick and I shared the Chicken Noodle Soup from the Soup and Stock Market. It hit the spot on the cold morning. I'm a big fan of good, made from scratch, hearty soups. A few toasted pieces of French bread is all you'll need to warm up with a healthy meal.

Brady Street
Tuesday June 3, 2008
Approximately 12:30 P.M.

We hopped back into the RAV4 to head next to the historical Brady Street. Our waiter from Harbor 550 had mention that the street would not be as impressive as it let on and that we would not stay there long. You know what he was right. Perhaps it was the weather but the street didn't look very appealing to stroll through. Always ask a local what they find interesting in their own city and you'll save a lot of time. We did enjoy going into the Glorioso Brothers' Specialty Foods, an Italian deli/market to get a capicola with muffuletta sandwich and a Greek noodle salad to share. The market was a smaller version of our favorite Italian market back in Southern California, Claro's Markets. We felt somewhat at home amidst all the Italian meats, salads, and goods. Nick found a Sprecher Brewery cream soda that he claims is the best he's ever had as cream sodas go. I'm not a fan of cream sodas for some reason, it must be an acquired taste, so TJ's water is what I had with lunch.

Historical Third Ward
Tuesday June 3, 2008
Approximately 2:30 P.M.

We went back to the Historical Third Ward to see if we could capture some of Milwaukee's architecture and history. There were a bit of construction happening but we found our way to Erie St and parked our car to take a walk along the River Walk. AND then, the rain stopped us. We ran back to our car just in time to miss the heavier downpour that was to follow. OH Milwaukee! Darn it, another photo opportunity missed. This photographer was getting really frustrated!

The above two photos are the ONLY interesting architecture I was able to capture before it started raining! We had wanted to explore the downtown area further because we saw lots of beautiful cathedrals on our way into the city. Shucks!!! We didn't know where to go next but we surely didn't want to go back to the Hilton to hide from the rain. So much for the extra few days I had planned for Nick and I to enjoy Milwaukee.

We decided to drive further North from the Bayshore Town Center to see what we would find. We found a supermarket, Pick 'n Save, so went to get more water as TJ's was way too expensive compared to home. We debated whether we would fit in any more sightseeing Tuesday and negotiated to go back to the Bayshore Town Center to check out the movie theatre instead. On our way there, I spied a FedEx Kinko's and was dying to check into my emails to take care of some USPS issues before I left. Thank goodness I did.

And of course while I was hard at work in Kinko's, Nick decided to walk over into Kopps next door to check out their frozen custard desserts. Sometimes I wish I wasn't diabetic but I was good and just watched him eat all the yummy sweetness. In the back of Kopps parking were a row of cow sculptures. I thought they were interestingly arranged as they were all WHITE except one. Why? I wonder what's the story behind the lonely BLACK cow. I think I counted 20 cows, altogether. Obviously I was photo deprived and happy triggered on the Canon. Then it started raining again! We proceeded down the street to the Bayshore Town Center. Thank goodness for this outdoor mall!

I noticed Nick did not pack a jacket (what was he thinking?) for this trip, so I suggested he pick up a jacket while we were at the mall. That guy does not get out much. HAHA! We also got some gourmet TJ tomatoes, salmonella scare or not, for snacking later. Then we were on our way to experience IPic Entertainment. Iron Man, here we come.

More FOOD talk in the next post,

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