Thursday, June 12, 2008

The Thursday Tease

I almost forgot that today was Thursday. It appears that the crazy weather in Milwaukee last week is now catching up to me. I was caught in the rain on Sunday after breaking down from the show, having dinner at Mader's and then running several LONG blocks to the Hyatt because Nick forgot the umbrella in our rental car. We thought the rain was gone but we obviously misjudged the MidWest weather! I feel bad for the family and kid in a carriage running in the rain. If I am THIS sick, I can only imagine how they are holding up, since they were wearing SHORTS! We were fortunate to escape into the Hyatt's skywalk to walk the remainder of the way to the Hilton. Sure I had a Puma hoodie on and had my head covered but that obviously didn't keep this cold/flu that I have now away. Hmmm... or maybe I caught the nasty germs on the plane because when you fly as much as I do, you always catch something from someone along the way. Ick. So this week I'm gonna try to rest up and work on paperwork in bed but I'm still working. I have 3 weeks to get ready for the NEXT show. What was I thinking when I booked this year's shows?

Back to the Thursday Tease, can't forget that just because I'm feeling under the weather. The above is a photo of metal shavings that I found on Flickr by Tanaka Who. I think the colors are just beautiful. Who knew scraps of metal could inspire anyone but I see blue iris, purple iris and brown iris seed beads in there!

hope to feel better soon,

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