Saturday, June 7, 2008

Food Stop: Calderone Club Italian Restaurant

Calderone Club Italian Restaurant
Saturday June 7, 2008
Approximately 7:30 P.M.

We were getting the hang of it, finding places to eat. Again, the Hilton Chophouse was fully packed and so I suggested we walk over the Hyatt skywalk to the restaurants next to the King and I. Interestingly, there is another Thai restaurant right next to the King and I which we will definitely have to try next time. People told us that the food is EVEN better but without the same ambiance. Hmmm... ambiance is important but my taste buds are MUCH more important. So mental note to self "next time in Milwaukee, we will visit Thai Palace"

Tonight it was Italian at the Calderone Club, but we didn't really have Italian food. Nick and I both decided to order steak for dinner. I was again famish as I generally don't have lunch and for breakfast it was Starbucks with some plain donuts. The weather was again not cooperating and because of the show, there were tons of people waiting to dine. After half an hour's wait, the hostess asked if we would mind sharing our table. I've never had this happen in a non-Chinese restaurant so I was fine with it. We all had to eat and why not help another set of patrons out? We share tables all the time in the Chinese culture. Nick thought I was being too friendly at first.

Then we made two new friends who joined us for dinner. This is part of the fun exhibiting at shows, you meet a lot of interesting people and have interesting conversations. Sometimes you are blown away by the people you meet and our new friends were in town for a convention. Again I was tired so if I didn't make ANY sense at dinner guys, I apologize. This girl was working on overdrive and simply exhausted. It was quite interesting that our new friends were in the power industry and trying to recruit me back into the engineering field. Apparently engineers are in high demand again but in the power industry. Uhmmm, although it may be tempting to have a regular salary, this girl loves what she does no matter how hard she has to work some days. It was an interesting proposition and I did take Jeff's business card.

I believe I was beginning to get sick at this point in the trip, but just didn't know it. Running around in the cold and rain can do that. It was a good time spent at dinner and Calderone would be a repeatable dining experience but maybe not on such a busy night next time.

Good food, company and conversations
To new friends
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