Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Food Stop: Bravo Cucina and IPic Entertainment

IPic Entertainment
Tuesday, June 3, 2008
Approximately 4:15 P.M.

(from their website)
IPic Entertainment, founded by visionary entertainment entrepreneur Hamid Hashemi, is an innovative new luxury entertainment concept that brings the next-generation dining and entertainment experience to neighborhoods across America. Our goal is to develop luxury entertainment destination within every market we serve. We are dedicated to providing our guests with great food, fun choices and exceptional service in an inviting atmosphere. IPic Entertainment is ground-breaking in that our venue offers multiple entertainment options under one roof, unlike anything ever done before. Casually elegant restaurant, luxury screening rooms, stylish bowling and an edgy sophisticated bar puts a unique twist on traditional entertainment. IPic Entertainment's strategy is to develop and operate dining and entertainment centers throughout the U.S. in large and mid-sized metropolitan markets and suburban growth areas of larger metropolitan areas. The first IPic location opened at the Bayshore Town Center in Glendale, Wisconsin (suburban Milwaukee) in December of 2007.

We just wanted to watch a movie but when we walked into the IPic Entertainment center at Bayshore Town Center, we were in store for an ultimate screening experience. As a fan of Iron Man, Nick had wanted to watch the movie and we did in style. You can select your own seats, so no need to wait in lines then rush to the first open seats. You can also order your dinner and take into the theatre. You can also order COCKTAILS and enjoy it inside the theatre. The photo above is really how nice each screening room looks. For the price of regular admission $9 per person (stadium seating) you get a free bag of popcorn EACH. I think this made up for the bad weather outside. We loved it so much that on Wednesday night after setting up, we came back to IPic to watch Indiana Jones.

I won't spoil Iron Man for you, but I enjoyed Robert Downey Jr's performance as well as Gwyneth Paltrow's.

Bravo Cucina Italiana Restaurant
Tuesday, June 3, 2008
Approximately 7:00 P.M.

After this movie, we needed to get dinner. We had eyed the Bravo Cucina Italiana restaurant our first time at Bayshore Town Center. This outdoor mall was beginning to be a staple on our trip. We found it and for the next few nights we would be back again several times.

I indulged in a tasty White Peach Sangria (lime, orange, strawberry, lemon and cherry with Peach Schnapps, Triple Sec and white wine). I normally don't drink on my trips but Nick was there enjoying his wine. The fruity concoction was quite tasty. After the photo above, I forgot to snap photos of the rest of the dinner.

I can attest dinner was quite delicious. We were going to start off with the Heirloom tomatoes and buffalo mozzarella salad (aka insalata caprese) but it was off the menu that night due to the salmonella scare. So, we simply skipped the appetizer this time. I ordered the Grilled Georges Bank Scallops with spinach gnocci, roasted sweet potatoes, spinach and sweet lobster sauce. The sweet potatoes mingled with the saltiness of the sauce and gnocci. With such deliciousness it's a shame to leave anything uneaten. So I ate it all, hungrily. Nick ordered one of the house specialties Lasagna Bolognese. It was good but my meal was better. Just my two cents. So would I go back to Bravo Cucina? Yes!

On the next night we couldn't help but come back to watch Indiana Jones at IPic. Before the movie, I was having a craving for rice and Chinese food. We found a Chinese restaurant near the Kinko's down the street from Bayshore Town Center. The restaurant's name escapes me. I would say the meal hit the spot as far as the rice craving goes but it was mediocre. The dishes are what I call Chinese food for non-Chinese folks, as they are not truly authentic dishes. This is why I don't remember the name of the restaurant as it was not memorable. We ordered potstickers and the dough was thick and gummy. How did that happen? I am an EXPERT on potsticker eating (I also can make them if I have time) and this version was just not what I expected. I would have to say that the hostess was very nice in compensation. She mentioned that they bought most of their ingredients in Chicago.

But, when you've dined at some of the best Chinese restaurants in Los Angeles, it's hard to meet these expectations. Did I mention that my grandparents owned a Chinese restaurant for non-Chinese folks when we were young? Uhmmm... I rest my case on egg foo young and chop suey. If that is your cup of tea and you think that's really Chinese food, then eat up and drink up. I would say this restaurant... sorry, was the least memorable experience on my Milwaukee trip and will not be repeatable experience, rice or no rice! When we flew back Monday, I had to visit one of my favorite Chinese deli/restaurants in town - Sam Woo's. (This restaurant is even mentioned on Wikipedia!) Now that meal really hit the spot (wonton noodle soup and roast duck with rice. After EVERY trip I am there. A tradition not to be broken.)
On the following night, yes we were back at Bayshore Town Center because the BnB show ended late and the restaurants were all filled. We got restless waiting for a table in a smoked filled bar at the Miller restaurant. It's a wonder anyone got service from the looks of it. Egads! Since we knew there was Bar Louie at the mall across from IPic we went there for dinner. It was only 10 minutes from the hotel. We ordered a crab and artichoke cheese dip (YUM!) then two hot sandwiches (me, the Luigi and Nick the Louie burger). It was so late by the time we finished dinner (nearly 11 p.m.) that any food would have satisfied us and tasted delicious. This is the show life, folks. You eat when you can but not at or during the show. Never eat at the show because who wants to be handed greasy beads?

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