Thursday, June 5, 2008

The Thursday Tease

Interesting... Very Interesting

I believe this is a photo of a glass dome window but whatever the original subject was, it is simply BEAUTIFUL and inspiring me to think about an oval glass bead with raised linear textures. Get those steady hands ready to be able to lay out such fine lines on glass! NO CHEATING with enamel pens and paint, either! I can also see some possibilities in woven beaded beads. Size 15/o beads anyone? Hmmm, what about a wire encapsulated bead using basketry techniques? Or crochet anyone? PMC, etched metals, polymer clay, felted beads and many more ideas come to mind - really the possibilities are endless.

I like that there is an internal sphere seemingly floating about, giving the image depth, as if a secret world is captured and protected. The reflection on the glass is illuminating too.

You may wonder how am I able to post this week's Thursday Tease if I am at Bead and Button. Aha! I prepared well in advance and scheduled this post to be uploaded on the perfect date!

I am sure I am having loads of fun in Milwaukee on this preview night of the show. I'm probably running around the booth just about now, as you read this post, making sure everything is in the right place. And fortunate for me, Nick is here to help me, so I don't fly solo on my debut at Bead and Button as we have a corner booth to manage. This is my first and hopefully not last time at the Bead and Button Show. I'm just substituting for my friend Jannell (Specialty Beads) this year, as this is her booth and if there is space for me next year, I shall return. In the meantime, I'm going to have a BLAST here. So, hello Milwaukee and come see ME at the show this weekend!

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