Sunday, June 29, 2008

Almost there...

Hi all,

Look at my fundraising efforts. Thanks to those who recently donated to my effort, I am just 15% away from reaching the $2200 necessary to walk this November. THANK YOU SO MUCH. I send xoxo's to all those who are showing their love for not just me but for all of those who are suffering with breast cancer.

There are amazing stories out there. As I exhibit at my shows this year, I have people coming up to me and giving me their thanks as they or someone they know is suffering from breast cancer. It feels good that I am taking a small part in the entire endeavor and helping "my way." I am just at the beginning of this challenge and there is more up ahead.

Well, I recently recovered from being sick after the Bead and Button show (for over two weeks!) I am just about back to my healthy self. I just also began to receive the suggested training program from the 3-Day organization. I admit, I have been out of training but it's just about time to ramp things up again. Today I'll do a video workout.

I'm leaving shortly for a show in Tacoma and you better bet I will make sure I'm walking everywhere while there. I will return back to my walk training after this trip. I need to be ready by November...and now that I'm feeling better there's no more excuses.

Thank you again everyone who has donated in the recent week(s). You are A #1 in my book. See some of you very soon.

Have a great summer!


For those who read this blog, please donate if you can. I know things in life are tough out there but if you can give up going out to eat once this year, you will be able to help me in this walk. As of today, I'm $330 away from reaching my "admission" to walk this November. If I am still short by November, I will personally donate again, the remainder of what is necessary, to be able to walk. It will however mean SO much more if beaders out there are supporting this effort. That is why we named our team, TEAM BEADALICIOUS.

Be well,

P.S. I will not be posting any new entries until AFTER my trip to the Puget Sound Bead Festival. My kiln's controller broke and now it is fixed. I am frantically making as many beads as possible for my trip thus the reason for my absence from the blog.
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