Friday, June 6, 2008

Show Stop: June 5-8, 2008 Bead and Button Show

A collection of photos from my first Bead and Button show. It was an experience, definitely and I would like to thank my friend Jannell Botto AGAIN for this chance to visit the MidWest. I was booth sitting but maybe next year you'll visit me at my own booth. I'll be in touch with Bead and Button to make that happen. We'll see how that goes.

And, even though on two evenings we had tornado scares and everyone was kept on the show floor on Saturday until the warnings were lifted, you folks were real troupers. Shows are about friendships and making new connections/renewing old ones. Thank you to all that came to visit me at the show. Bead and Button even did an web interview of me on an upcoming project I have in a future issue. You came, you spoke, you listened and I appreciate everyone who did all that, despite the horrible weather outside. We had a spectacular show because of all of you!

Thank you also for buying ALL the copies of Bead Romantique in the house. We rock 'n rolled and SOLD OUT of the case of books Nick carried to Milwaukee by Friday early afternoon. Whew! And as far as I knew every other copy available in the building at three other booths were gone by Sunday. I will get the orders out soon for those who did not get a signed copy at the show. I was thrilled and touched by your comments on my work. THANK YOU. If I can say this without jinxing myself "I hope to see you all next year again in 2009".

My favorite piece in the entire exhibit. Perhaps it's the child in me.

It's a shame that all the exhibits were behind glass because I would have loved to capture them without glass between us. Some of the pieces were simply spectacular. I especially enjoyed the Japanese exhibit.

I had a few customers asked me if I would consider entering one of these design contests. And you know what? I don't think contests are for me. For one, I am very competitive. The competition would totally consume me and ALL my time. Besides, I'd like to design pieces that are wearable, not showy and impractical to wear. I'd like to design on my own time and in my own style, not with the pressures of pleasing a panel of judges. There is only so much time in a day and I've got to be ME. That is why I don't enter design contests. Thank you for thinking I should though.

I hope you enjoyed the collage of photos above.

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