Monday, June 9, 2008

A View of Milwaukee: Architectural Elements

A collection of the ONLY photos I was able to capture, mostly on Sunday, after the show. As you can see by the photos on Old World Third Street that it WAS sunny. Then the storm came after dinner. I used every bit of light I could to capture this to share. There was more to the city that I had hoped to capture. There were Gothic style cathedrals sprinkled throughout downtown. Next trip, I hope to have better luck with the weather.

I'm a fan of wrought iron art

Interesting Elements from the Hilton Inside and Out

Not the best photos but I was shooting in the not best conditions either. I hope my next trip to Tacoma, WA will be better for this photographer!

Our flight was delayed on Monday but at least it was not canceled. A non-stop flight, thank goodness and just to be home again was what I needed before I really got SICK! No matter how much I enjoy exhibiting, the part I dislike the most after almost EVERY show, is coming home sick. I guess it comes with the territory and the price of traveling so much. There is no real rest for this gal even when sick.

Time to get back to the studio soon to be readied for the Puget Sound Bead Festival in mid July. It's my first time at the show, so come see me! Wow, seven more shows left for this year and I'm still standing.

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