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Bead Romantique Project Seed Colors

Bead Romantique Project Seed Colors

Many of you have emailed me to ask me for the EXACT colors I used in Bead Romantique. While I was designing, beading and compiling the thirty project submissions (yes, THIRTY projects) for the book last year, I actually made multiple samples of most of the projects you see. Generally my first sample, I just bead. If I make a second sample, I tweak and fine-tune the design further. I have a lot of seed beads at my disposal but I generally use a select few colors always to project the feeling of vintage beadwork. The reason we did not include the numbers to the seed beads in the book (and you will note this in most books and magazine projects) is to not favor one seed bead company over another but also because beadstores/online retailers have different nomenclature. We used descriptive words instead to be more generic and to also encourage you to select your own colors.

Although I've listed all the colors here for EVERY project which utilized seed beads, my hope is that you discover your own "inner Color Goddess" to find colors that you enjoy working with. If you visit me at beadshows, you may also see alternative samples with colors different to those listed below. Also my friends SpecialtyBeads, Vintaj and Ezel Findings will also showcase alternate colors to the samples you see in the book at their booths too. I was a busy girl beading, let's just say. Please note only projects from the book are listed below. Thank you again for purchasing my FIRST (and hopefully not last, if I can find more time in the day) book.

With no further delays, here is the info that you have been waiting for! I have made suggestions for optional substitutes that are close in color to the original, to be more flexible to you, in case you can't locate one color or another. Please note that the San Gabriel Bead Company, Out on a Whim and Jane's Fiber and Beads will have these colors in stock between all three of them. You can find a wonderful selection of Czech charlottes from Charlotte Silverstein of Garden of Beadin'. All these folks are MY sources for most of my seed bead needs.

If you have a hard time finding any of the seed beads, the San Gabriel Bead Company is offering to ship them to you. Most often the exact seed beads are available but substitutes may occur. I work with them closely so can provide color consultation. All you have to do is email me with your contact info and the projects you want to recreate. I will work with the store to get as many of the beads in a semi-kit to you.

Project 1: Scalloped Chain Necklace (pages 14-17) - No seed beads used

Project 2: Ndebele Pearl Medallion Earrings and Bracelet (pages 18-23)
a. Topaz AB 15/o = 377B (or 377 or 377L)
b. Bronze Metallic 15/o = 457
c. Brown Iris 11/o = 458

Project 3: Netted Rivoli Chain Earrings (pages 24-29)
a. Matte silver lined amethyst 15/o = F639
b. Topaz Rose AB 15/o = 301
c. Fuchsia crystal lines 15/o = 395A
d. Amethyst AB 11/o = 356E (or 384 or 928)

Project 4: Pearl Cascade Necklace (pages 30-33) - No seed beads used

Project 5: V Scalloped Necklace (pages 34-39)
a. Matte Sage Iris 11/o = F460H (or F460G)
b. Matte amethyst AB 11/o = F460N
c. Bronze metallic 15/o = 457
d. Silver Lined Lt. Olive cubes = IC991

Project 6: Mesh Pearl Bracelet (pages 40-43) - No seed beads used

Project 7: Ndebele Twist Band with Flower Center (pages 44-53)
a. Amethyst AB 11/o = 928 (or 384 or 356E)
b. Bronze metallic 11/o = 457
c. Perwinkle AB 11/o = 387
d. Bronze metallic 15/o = 457

Project 8: Bohemian Drop Earrings (pages 54-58)
a. Bronze metallic 15/o = 457
b. Chartreuse AB 11/o = 318Q
(page 58 earrings)
a. 15/o = 638
b. 11/o = 319H or 318E
(page 59 earrings - from left to right)
1a. 15/o = F460E
1b. 11/o = 318Q
2a. 15/o = 457
2b. 11/o 318Q
3a. 15/o = 299A
3b. 11/o = 399L

Project 9: Rivoli Y Drop Necklace (pages 60-67)
a. Matte Cranberry Fuchsia 11/o = 299J (some may call this F299J)
b. Purple Luster 15/o = 430I
c. Bronze metallic 15/o = 457
d. Cranberry fuchsia AB 15/o = 299J
e. Dark Purple Iris 15/o = 454

Project 10: Quatrefoil Nouveau Festoon Necklace (pages 68-75)
a. Bronze Metallic 15/o = 457 (color is noted as Brown Iris which you can also use, 458)
b. Chartreuse AB 11/o = 318Q

Project 11: Double-Sided Maiden Necklace (pages 76-83)
a. Matte sage iris 15/o = F460H (or F460G)
b. Silver lined topaz AB 15/o = 377 (or 377B or 377L)
c. Amethyst gold luster 15/o = 319
d. Cranberry luster 15/o = 313
e. Purple luster 15/o = 319H (or use optional flower seed colors listed below)
f. Chartreuse luster 15/o = 318J
g. Sage iris 11/o = F460H (or F460G)
Optional flower seed colors: 275 and 395A

Project 12: Medici Rhinestone Necklace (pages 84-72)
a. Silver lined topaz cranberry AB 15/o = 638
b. Cranberry Luster 15/o = 318E
c. Matte cranberry 11/o = 318E (some may label this F318E)
(page 93, Rivoli version necklace)
a. 15/o back of rivoli and also the loops = 729 (or 229 or 375A)
b. 11/o = 729 (or 229 or 375A)
c. 15/o encasing front of rivoli = 318B
Optional: use 13/o marcasite charlottes for last row to contrast

Project 13: Deco Collar with Gemstones (pages 94-99)
a. Matte rose gold 11/o triangle = F460S
b. Cranberry bronze 11/o triangle = 502 (or 460F or 460H)
c. Matte cabernet 11/o triangle = 703 (or F460A)
d. Fuchsia crystal lined 15/o = 395A (or 395B or 2247)
e. 24kt Gold 13/o charlottes (the expensive versions!)

Project 14: Black Lace Lariat (pages 100-107)
a. Black 13/o charlottes
b. Black 11/o charlottes
c. 11/o triangles = 49

Project 15: Quatrefoil Renaissance Bracelet (pages 108-115)
a. Brown iris 15/o = 458
b. Chartreuse AB 11/o = 318Q

Project 16: Victorian Diamond Cuff (pages 116-123)
a. Brown iris 15/o = 458
b. Bronze metallic 15/o = 457
c. Brown iris 11/o = 458
d. Matte cranberry bronze = F460A

Project 17: Triple Spiral Garden Lariat (pages 124-130)
a. Chartreuse lined aqua 15/o and 11/o = 229 (or 375A or 729 or 284)
b. Chartreuse luster 15/o and 11/o = 318J
c. Dark sage luster 15/o and 11/o = 307 (or 459)
d. Teal lined topaz 11/o triangle = 729 (or 1825 10/o Miyuki alternate)
e. Chartreuse luster 8/o = 318J
f. Fuchsia lined 15/o = 395A (or 395B or 2247)
g. Cranberry AB 15/o = 299J
h. Silver lined Berry Topaz AB = 301 (or 638)
i. Chartreuse lined aqua 15/o = 375A (or 729 or 229)

Enjoy beading!
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