Sunday, February 15, 2009

A Knitting Interlude ...

Okay, so I've been blabbing about how I am teaching myself how to knit and you're wondering "where's the goods"? I have been dabbling for the last few years but really did not knit seriously until this winter. I really dove in by indulging myself in my favorite yarns, Noro Kureyon, Silk Garden and Silk Garden Lite. I've outgrowned the craft store brands and actually started giving those away to clear room for the good stuff. Yep, this girl has a serious yarn addiction. If yarn was my drug, I would be overdosed many times over. Fortunately, Nick is a very supportive husband and does not "question" why a girl needs a walk-in closet full of yarn (well I'm exaggerating but one can dream, can't they?)

So I thought for my first official sharing of the "finished objects" I would show you the scarf that I knitted for my sister Tina (I have two sisters) in January 2009 which I borrowed to wear in Tucson this year before I actually "gave" it to her. Hey, I need to test out these woolies for durability before gifting them and boy did this warm scarf come in handy in the chilly mornings and evenings.
I wanted to teach myself a smaller entrelac project before diving into Lady Eleanor from Scarf Style (Interweave). Entrelac is REALLY easy folks. It just looks hard. I love the concept of short row knitting. I decided NOT to knit backwards so did a lot of flipping back and forth. Check out the photos below! I'll be knitting Lady Eleanor shawl/scarf soon when I determine the colorway.
  • Pattern: Entrelac Scarf from Knitty Otter (free)
  • Yarn: Noro Kureyon, Color #92, 4 skeins
  • Needles: US 8

Noro, Noro, yum yum. This yarn teases me with color every time I knit. Most of my wools and wool silks in my stash are from Noro. If a yarn variegates and the colors make me salivate, I know I have to get it. Yes I said SALIVATE! I do drool sometimes when viewing yarn photos. I love COLOR!!! and Noro always packs a punch. I usually buy my yarn online because I'm afraid I may embarrass myself in a yarn shop. I have NEVER entered in a real yarn shop because I would spend all my bead money. EEEEEK!! I love Ebay for my yarns and have my favorite yarn purveyors.

I'm bad, when I returned from Tucson, instead of continuing my hexagon blanket in all Noro Kureyon (Colors #147 and #163), I decided to cast-on for the Rambling Rows blanket from Cottage Creations. I found this pattern while goofing around looking at other folks blanket and afghan projects on Ravelry.

Why yes, how did you guess? You know me sooooooooooooo... well.

The new blanket project is indeed using ALL Noro Kureyon - Color #157, knitted from the outside and inside of the skein to add more visual interest. I have a habit of discovering a new color when it's been discontinued so I've been searching and googling for sources of this highly coveted yarn.


I am always successful because I am on a quest to work with these beautiful woolies. I don't give up easily. And, I have NO trouble having yarn shipped across the Atlantic or Pacific Oceans either. Sometimes yarn from overseas is actually cheaper per skein than purchasing from the States even with shipping included. I always have the trusty calculator on hand before I make a final decision. Lots of folks also clean out their stash and that's great for someone like me. Give me... give me! I do spend a lot in materials when using Noro with these bigger blanket projects but I figured just like beading, quality first. I am spending a lot of time with each project so why not use a yarn I love even if I have to buy 30 to 50 skeins! Yikes, don't tell Nick okay? hahah These will be heirloom pieces that I will "possibly" give away or donate eventually. I'm 1/6th done with the Rambling Rows blanket (sized approx 65" x 80" unless I decide to make it bigger) but am on a quest for more of the colorway (I "only" have 25 skeins and have knitted 7 thus far!). I will share photos later. So far the project is quite straightforward and easy.

More Knitting Interludes to follow in the future...

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