Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Journey to and from Tucson Part I

Hello everyone,

I thought I would write a bit about my trip to and from Tucson. Since I can be rather verbose, I'm splitting the story into several posts!

You know... I should have regretted spending more time on knitting this winter and not enough on making more beads ... but I don't. It was just the renewal I needed to give me a color pick me up. I love knitting with wools and am teaching myself slowly to be able to eventually knit that dream sweater. I am sure I can just jump in but I want to enjoy the process of learning....


Knitting is so much like beading and jewelry design. It also feeds my love of fibers and textiles. As you work more intricate patterns, the project becomes longer to complete, selecting colors are fun, and the material choices are important. I have been spoiling myself for the past few months with beautiful fibers and knitting paraphernalia. Before I left for Tucson, I decided to reward myself with a handcrafted oak yarn swift made by Hornshaw Woodworks', Timothy Hornshaw.
Boy, I came home and found it waiting for me. It is BEAUTIFUL!! (see above). Hey I deserve it. DON'T I? I have a tendency of buying myself these little treats. As a matter of fact, I tell Nick to never buy me presents because I can handle the purchasing myself. This way he never knows how much I pay for something. heheh.. (more knitting and yarn talk later...)

So... the night before leaving for Tucson, I was up until 3 a.m. That was not smart but I managed to take a 1.5 hour nap before leaving for the LONG drive. If I had been working on stringing beads instead of knitting then I would have had more rest. But NO... temptation is not always bad now. So with little sleep I drove 7 hours with one break to Tucson. I had goofed up on my hotel reservations so had to find a hotel for the first night, which ended up in Oro Valley (35 minutes away from downtown Tucson).

After checking in, I went immediately to the historical Manning House Mansion to setup. And this goofball while unloading the car I spotted a friend (T-Beads) pulling up to park her car. And here I am hauling a big wide box with my special show lights.. I turn my head to smile but decided to start walking. OOOPS... I tripped over the center parking island and fell. A few bruises later, a fellow vendor ran out to the parking lot to check on me. Did I tell you that I am a BIG KLUTZ, sometimes?!!!

So, do you think you need more than 1.5 hours of sleep before driving 7 hours with one stop? I think so... but I don't learn these lessons well. HAHAH. At most shows, I exhibit solo because Nick has a full time job. These days, with the banking industry the way it is, he is very lucky to be employed. He is also the last man standing in his department so they depend on him. I'm saving his vacation time for Bead and Button and New York! If I can walk 60 miles in 3 days, I can carry a few boxes --- and TRIP --- with a few bruises to exhibit for 6 days by myself.

After setting up, my buddies Marsha Neal Studio, Specialty Beads and I went to La Fuente, a Mexican restaurant nearby. (Ms. Kelly Russell was still working on her display boards so decided not to join us for dinner!) I ordered the carnitas, one of my favorites! It was a long day and I made it back to the Best Western in Oro Valley in one piece. But....

Did I sleep? No because for most shows, my mind is still winding around whether I remembered to bring this or that. Instead, I slept a few hours and then woke up.. repeatly. I was finally up at 5 a.m. and then woohoo... the first day of the debut of the Manning House Beadshow. It was exciting!!

(to be continued)
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