Thursday, February 19, 2009

The Thursday Tease

I've had some requests to bring back the Thursday Tease posts now that I am again actively blogging. The above photo are waterdrops captured on top of a rainbow-like background most likely thru glass. The water drops create mini-worlds of many miniature rainbows. Makes me smile just to look at all that color.

While driving back from Tucson, it was raining a bit. I saw FOUR rainbows on my trip back home driving 7 hours with TWO stops this time around. One rainbow was a full arch. Dazzling... simply miraculous... I love mother nature. Beautiful...utterly and plainly beautiful. The simple things in life. Seeing rainbows and driving in the rain. Smiling and singing songs from the INXS CD. It doesn't take much to satisfy me... just to be alive and to live life.

Life is great even with it's many challenges, the ups and downs, the happiness with the sorrows... the successes and the failures... there are always polar opposites in life. I take it all in and know that in the sum of all that life throws me... I am fortunate to be me and you ... you. We are unique individuals in this vast world of many simple things that when combined makes up the more complex things.

We are so fortunate to live in this time... OUR TIME, where moments become the experiences of our lifetime. To see rainbows. To dream of rainbows. Don't you think so?

(I don't see you smiling!!)
You too will start seeing rainbows too!
picture was borrowed from Asadbabil from Flickr
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