Thursday, February 26, 2009

The Thursday Tease


Delicioso.... muy bueno... aaaaaaaaye, mi amor!

Colors. Lots of beautiful colors. My eyes are melting and hands are reaching for the screen. I want all those YARN cones!

Could this be a peep into my yarn stash?


Not yet...

...But daydreams are great for my escape. I live in my dreams some days.

This week's Thursday Tease not only teases you with color but also with fiber. A tribute to those beaders who are also knitters, crocheters, weavers and spinners.

This winter I was reading up on yarn cones and actually purchased some nice selection of wool cones for future indulgence. Sometimes you can get fabulous colors not available in commercial skeins. The only thing is that you have to rinse the binder off the yarn to allow the yarn to "bloom". The binder added allows the yarn to compress and spun into cones for ease. Generally these cones are used by weavers but hey, it's all yarn, right?

Danger zone. Danger zone. (beep beep)

(Smash... Crash... )

Fibers are as dangerous as beads. You want to have it ALL! When do you say "no" or do you? Yikes!

I'm drowning here folks with color, texture and absolutely loving it. The photo does not only show you beautiful fibers but if you look carefully there are variations of tones that can assist you in designing with color.


Perfecto maestro...

picture was borrowed from Photovox from Flickr

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