Friday, September 18, 2009

Botanical Ring, Hairclip and Bracelet

Hi there,

Just a quick post before we drive off to Portland early tomorrow a.m. I'll have the laptop with me so hopefully I will finally have time to go over the gazillion photos I've taken on our trips to catch up on blog entries. There is so much to share and write.
My fingers were itching to create so for the last several days, while I was packing all the show gear, I set aside some time to create finished projects with the Botanicals to show at Bead Fest Portland. No seed beading this time but instead I created with wire and the Professional Precision Tools.

Check out what fun things you can make with these flowers!

A hairclip accessory (BT032) or a lovely ring (BT028) with Vintaj anyone?

Or maybe three complimentary Botanicals colors (using BT001, BT024, & BT034) for a lovely pearl bracelet

Can you say FUN? a whole lotta ... lotta fun?

To view a new necklace design containing both Botanicals and Luft beads, visit my website! So many of you have asked me "how would you design with the Luft beads?" I hope I answered your call with this double bonus, showing the versatility of using both these series. The Luft beads also make great earrings too.


There are now 34 Botanical colors available for ordering on my website and most selections will be available at Bead Fest Portland. Come early to the show for the best selection, if you want to purchase the limited production colors, as they will be the first to go. There are many more floral colors in the works too. All I need is more studio time to create. These fingers are about to fall off with the hours I've put in since returning from Philly. Hard work never killed anyone and I'm not done creating even more colors as this series continues to expand.

What colors will come out of the kiln next time?

So what do you think of these design ideas?

Stock up on those 6mm crystal AB margarites! - a staple in my bead stash! They work wonders for the Botanicals.

These flowers will also make great embellishments for altered art, mix media, scrapbooks, and etc., basically just about anywhere you need a touch of Nature.

Can you see what I see?


Riding off into the sunset and looking forward to the beautiful Pacific Northwest


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