Monday, September 7, 2009

Beadwork Oct/Nov 2009 Designer of the Year Project: Plum Blossom

Just wanted to share photos of how the Plum Blossom necklaces are worn. I will post additional comments and give you the nitty gritty on seed colors I used later. When time permits, I will also backtrack to previous Designer of the Year projects to write about them. I'm trying to make up for lost time...haha...

Become a modern flapper with this necklace. The blue version below has a slightly different rope that is not covered in the Beadwork article. It is a twisted Ndebele (Herringbone) rope. It will be gifted soon to my friend Jannell Botto of Specialty Beads. You can really tweak this design and use the beaded Plum Blossoms (Ume) as bracelet or ring embellishments. I also see possibilities with the Botanicals in this design.

Hmmm... I think I sense a beaded project in my future.

These necklaces will be showcased at Bead Fest Portland. YAY! I'll actually be wearing one.

I'll also periodically post my show escapades from this year. I have a lot to catch up on with the blog... so you'll know that I am not sitting around... doing nothing. heheh...


Many have asked at shows... no I am not working on a new book right now. I do think about potential projects all the time though. You should see the amount of new research and reference materials I have collected for my library shelves ... and to be honest magazine clippings are all over the floor too. I collect ideas from many sources and they end up in almost every room. I am currently taking a break from designing/beading to refresh myself while focusing on my glasswork.

One can realistically create and devote themselves to one medium at a time without resulting in cruddy work. And I DON'T have any desire to create cruddy work...

I WILL return back to designing and beading when the time is right... when the tiny seeds start yelling at me... that is, if I am not knitting, which I also miss. ;o) (I'll also share and write about knitting again soon.)

I'll write more on this post later... time to head to the studio for another 12+ hour day... at least it has cooled down a bit here and we are surviving the fires. But these fingers, hands and arms are aching from working these hours!

Anything for the sake of art... even if these arms fall off. ;oP


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