Sunday, July 15, 2007

Has to be ... Just Right

This heat is killing me as I am not as productive in the studio as I am in cooler weather. I even took a nap in between prototyping yesterday. I made some boro beads in the morning and then six prototype beads in the new series that I'm thinking out. These test beads will never be sold.

It has to be just right and it is not yet. I have a fantastic shape and an alternate version too but the elements are not "perfect" yet. I'm prototyping a bit today but will most likely switch to a familiar style to continue preparing for those August shows. I still do not have enough beads.

It is much easier to replicate the results of a familiar style. I've already iron out all the details and mechanics. Sometimes a little time away and focusing on another task will bring insight to what I am not seeing or feeling now. I think it's a great idea and theme but I just need a bit longer to get it right. And if it's not "just" right and it's not ready, I will not introduce it in the August shows.

Why do I do this to myself? I can't help being a perfectionist! Working and thinking like this, helps me grow as an artist. I believe I am my most critical critic. I am critical of my own work because I want my beads to be special to the person who buys it. It's not just a bead to me, it's my story.
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