Saturday, July 7, 2007

The Beginning . . .

This is just the beginning, the beginning of something possibly really BIG. I thought it was about time that I started my own blog to document my thoughts, ideas and inspirations. Why now? Now is as good of a time as any and it's about time I started this journal! What do I have to say? Sometimes I have a lot to talk or write about and other times words can't express my thoughts. I can't commit to daily entries but I will post as often as possible. And along the way maybe you'll discover more about me, as I discover more about myself. Maybe through my words, you will get to know me - the glass bead artist, the jewelry designer, the writer, the philosopher and whatever persona I become. I take it that you found this blog and are reading it because you are interested in or follow my work. So, first off, "thank you".

So the beginning of this blog on 070707, is also the end. Not THE end. We just started. It is the end of nearly ten months of hard work, in between exhibiting at many bead shows, making hundreds of beads, and writing for bead publications. Just about a month ago, June 11th to be exact, I finished the last set of submissions for the draft of my first book, tentatively titled Bead Romantique. The book is being published by Interweave Press and is due out April 2008. I can't believe I'm done because when I signed the contract late August 2006, I had to pinch myself and thought "what did I get myself into, how am I going to do it and what am I going to write about?" Don't get me wrong, I was definitely ecstatic and on cloud nine. Who wouldn't be to be given this opportunity, but it was a bit overwhelming because I didn't plan for this. First, I thought my glasswork would suffer in the interim but instead I was able to create two new glass series, Nouveau and Ginkgo, from working on the book.

Now that I am done designing, creating and writing THIRTY proposed projects, I had much more I wanted to write, share and design but that just means a possible second book, if everyone loves this one. Right now though, I would like to develop some ideas and return my focus to glass. I'll still be writing and designing for bead publications (as I LOVE to write!) but not with the same intense fervor of deadlines involved in compiling a book.

It has been a dream of mine to write a book, not necessarily THIS book. I just knew I wanted to write a book in my lifetime. And when the opportunity presented itself, I knew I had to just make it happen no matter what it took, how hard I had to work or how many sleepless nights I had to endure. I mean, how often does someone (one of the largest craft book and magazine publishers - Interweave Press) asks YOU to write a book? The biggest challenge was of course finding "time" but also switching my thinking cap between glass and beadwork, multiple times. My extensive research library and appreciation for historical jewelry designs supplied me with many inspirational ideas. I will tell you more about the book in future posts.

I hope to educate, to inspire and to promote creativity through my writings here, there and everywhere. I know there's not much to see or read now but as with anything new - it just takes time to decorate. So, stay a bit and come back often to check up on my creative adventures, my travels and musings.
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