Monday, November 24, 2008

Website Down Temporarily

I just came back from my 3-Day walk with Sara and will write an update on the blog after a long absence. Need to take care of some immediate projects and then I'll catch everyone up to what I've been up to since the last entry.

In the meantime, the website was temporarily down while I was gone and I'll try to get it up by tomorrow or Weds. Just to let you know that we are nearly sold out of the first shipment on the Japanese tools. I only have FIVE kits left and the next shipment will not arrive until right before or after the Christmas holidays. This was to save money so that I didn't have to raise the prices too much, while still bringing you all a good value on these excellent tools. We've had a lot of recent publicity on these tools from Step by Step Wire, Step by Step Beads, Stringing, Beadwork and Bead and Button Editor forums. So, if we happen to sell out but you place and pay for your order before the second shipment arrives, I will honor the promo price. You just have to be a bit patient to get them as they are traveling by sea. The next shipment will be a bit more expensive due to the drastic changes in the exchange rate between USD to Yen but still a good deal. I will have the new price after the shipment clears any custom fees.

More writing later as I am recovering from the 60 mile walk with a slightly sprained left ankle and have some urgent projects to finish. Have an excellent Thanksgiving everyone.
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