Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Website Back Online

Hello again,

After a phonecall to the folks at Yahoo, the website is back online.

I will update the webpage after Thanksgiving but wanted to let everyone know that as of today, the entire first shipment of the Japanese Professional Precision Tools are SOLD OUT. This is phenomenal as most of the publicity on these tools have been through the excellent reviews in Beadwork, Stringing, Step by Step Wire, Step by Step Beads and from the editors of Bead and Button through their forums. Word of mouth raving comments from all of you to your beadstores or friends have made the launching of this product a success.

Unfortunately those who waited to order for Christmas, will have to wait a little longer. In order to maintain affordability the second shipment (smaller than the first) shipped from Japan by sea two Friday's ago. My Japanese business partner indicates generally the shipment takes anywhere from 30-40 days to arrive. My fingers are crossed it gets here before the holidays but because of the overwhelming response I have opted to extend the promo price of $125 for those who want to pre-order and pay for the tools from the second shipment. Otherwise, once the shipment arrives, more than likely the price will be from $135 to $140, dependent on any custom fees. I think for the value and quality even this price is quite affordable.

So, I am sorry we are sold out but I promise the tools will be worth the wait. Please email me to be placed on the waiting list and order from the second shipment. There are only 60 kits in the second shipment and the third shipment will not arrive until late January for Tucson. Due to the expense in importing product and the volatility of world economies these days, I am being watchful in each shipment. This is to ensure that the costs to you remain affordable. Thank you for enjoying these tools and please show your friends your tools.

Next, when I started importing these tools, my intention was to eventually have a beautiful Japanese tool bag to carry them in. We set that project aside to see how you would like the tools but because of the rapid sell out of the first shipment we will bring the prototyping back online. I hope to have a tool bag design by early 2009 and then go into production. Once this is ready, I will post on the website. If you want to be notified via email on the bag's availability, just send me an email.

Thank you again everyone for loving these tools!
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