Thursday, March 20, 2008

The Thursday Tease

The animal kingdom joins you this thursday for some laughs and smiles. This lovely ostrich shows how I'm so excited about the new opportunities that have surfaced recently. I have so many surprises and great news in store for you all. I must keep them a secret a bit longer, so I can surprise you, but you will read it on the blog when the time is right. There is always a right time for everything.

Although, I've been putting in 16+ hours for the last two weeks, having a marathon week of creating beads and writing articles too, I am having the TIME of MY LIFE (Wikipedia). I'm loving every moment of this busy life I lead and I hope to wow you in Portland soon.

Here's to the cheek-to-cheek grin of this lovely happy ostrich which is EXACTLY how I look now despite my lack of sleep! Wouldn't you love to have eyelashes like THIS? Forget the facial hair for the moment. LOL. Animal humor to the rescue and as a pick me up!

Btw, this morning FEDEX dropped off THE book. I am SO thrilled I finally get to touch Bead Romantique and my hands shook when I opened the package. I swelled up with emotion and tears of joy streamed down my face. Up to this point, I had not realize what I had accomplished by writing this book and have been SO very fortunate (THANKS INTERWEAVE, Tricia Waddell and Marlene Blessing!) to be given this opportunity to share my dreams with you all through the projects in this book!

My mom's birthday is THIS Saturday and she will be so proud to see the book too.
She still doesn't believe her daughter wrote an entire book. Geez! Even *I* can't believe I wrote a book. But it's here and I am so THRILLED to share this book with you all. Interweave Press and all the talented folks there ROCKS!

At Bead Expo Portland next week, I'll be dancing around the booth demoing the Mesh Pearl Bracelet at noon every day Friday to Sunday! Come see me!
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